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If you are an educator or human service professional, you can learn to teach Core Communication. To help you become a competent instructor of this practical course for personal and professional development, ICP, Inc. provides three ways of support. These include:

  • An instructor training workshop that covers teaching/coaching concepts and methods for skills of talking, listening, resolving conflicts, responding to negative communication styles, and creating approaches for handling challenging conversations. Click here for information on who should attend, objectives, and methods.

  • Materials that are user-friendly for instructors and for participants/students. To teach, you work with an instructor manual and other instructor materials that guide you step by step as you present and coach the participants. In addition to the participant workbook, you use innovative learning tools that aid the practicing and coaching. Click here for a description of the materials.

  • A certification process that supports you as you gain competence in presenting and coaching the communication skills. Click here for the requirements and advantages of becoming a Certified Core Communication instructor.