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Core Communication Instructor Manual

The Manual guides instructors in teaching CORE COMMUNICATION effectively. It contains five sections:

I.  Instructor Competencies identifies 12 areas of competency for teaching the program.

II.  Teaching Outlines gives an overview and outlines of 2 designs.  The section also contains an appendix with screen shots of the CD presentation slides.

III.  Teaching Details, in addition to giving the content and objectives for a class, provides specific instructions and suggested time amounts for the learning activities.

IV.  Theory explains how CORE is based on complex adaptive systems concepts, neuroscience findings, plus historical and contemporary psychological perspectives.

V.  Certification describes procedures and provides forms for instructors who wish to develop their teaching competence further with support from ICP

Three-Ring Binder, 275 Pages, 2011  $60.00

Presentation Tool

CORE Digital Interactive CD —Instructors use the CD as a tool for presenting.  It corresponds with the CORE COMMUNICATION workbook.  The engaging semi-animated, digital interactive CD in color, created in Director, includes software to run on either PC or Apple platforms. 


Informational Flier

Electronic Flier (directed to potential participants) tells about the Core program and gives space for an instructor to edit in own name and contact information.

Available to instructors at no charge


To Order Instructor Materials

Instructor materials are available to people who have registered for or who have attended an instructor training workshop, or to those who teach
CORE at a college or university. For more information please contact

Participant/Student Program Materials


For CORE COMMUNICATION, each person uses a CORE Pac, which comes in one of two kinds:  Large or Small

The Large CORE Pac contains:

1 CORE COMMUNICATION:  Maps, Skills, and Processes Workbook (196 pages, 2011)

2 Large Skills Mats* (one for talking and the other for listening)

1 Small Tabletop/Laptop Skills Mat**

1 Awareness Wheel pad - an Awareness Wheel is printed on each sheet of the pad for use in processing current and future issues.



The Small CORE Pac contains everything in the Large CORE Pac, except for the 2 Large Skills Mats


*  Large Skills mats are made of canvas cloth, each about 30 x 30 inches.  Each mat has either the Awareness Wheel or the Listening Cycle Map on it, so that it can be stepped on during practice -- for visual prompting, helpful coaching, and kinesthetic learning.

**  Small Tabletop/Laptop Skills mats are made of canvas cloth, about 15" wide x 10" high, with both the Awareness Wheel and the Listening Cycle Maps on it.  This mat is useful for visual prompting of skill use in a conversation.


Order Core Pac

Call: 419-278-0097

September 2015