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Instructor Certification


  • Support. ICP guides and helps you become a competent, confident instructor of communication skills and processes.

  • Visibility. Active certified instructors, who wish to be, are included on the National Referral List for Core Communication on this web site. Referrals are also made to people who request them by phone from the ICP office.

  • Credibility. Potential participants who do not know an instructor can be certain they would be taking the course from someone trained and experienced. The certification helps assure participants that they will be taught the same structured Core Communication course wherever it is taught across the country.

  • Discounts. Certified instructors receive quantity discounts on Core Communication materials. Also, Certified instructors may attend additional workshops for updating purposes at a discounted rate.


Instructors take several steps to complete the Core Communication certification process.

1. Attend an instructor training workshop (The instructor workshop described on this web site fulfills this step and is one very important part of ICP’s certification for the Core Communication course. By itself, however, the workshop is not sufficient for certification.

2. Study the Core Communication Instructor Manual and the workbook, Core Communication: Maps, Skills, and Processes. (We suggest you do some study before the instructor workshop, so you are familiar with the concepts, skills, and coaching process.)

3. Teach 20 people (using Core Pacs) and be evaluated by self (twice during the process) and by the people you teach. You may coach individuals one at a time, or teach people in groups. Or, you may do a combination of working with individuals and groups. (Along the way, you send your evaluations to ICP for review, to receive our comments and support.)

4. Pass a written exam. This exam is an open-book test based on the information in the Core Communication Instructor Manual and the participant workbook, Core Communication: Maps, Skills, and Processes. The exam is designed to help you reflect on and integrate the following:

      The purpose and objectives of the Core course
      Content of the Core Workbook
      Information in the Instructor Manual, especially the section on Instructor Competencies

You may take this exam at any point during your certification process, but we suggest that you request it by the time you have taught your 10th participant. Once you take the exam, you send it to ICP for scoring. ICP will notify you if you have passed the exam or need further study on certain parts.

5. Sign an ethical agreement. This includes that you will do the following:

Practice what you teach -- that you use the concepts and skills of Core Communication in your own life and relationships. We value congruence.

Establish learning contracts with the participants prior to the first session.

Teach the program following one of the course designs (or a longer version of them) given in the Core Instructor Manual.

Use the large or small Core Pac materials with each participant to whom you teach the program. Realize that Core Pacs are available only through ICP directly.

Wait until you have received written notification before representing yourself as a certified Core Communication instructor.